Having left school at 16 I went straight into the family building business as a labourer.

After about a year my brother said it was time to pick the trade I was to become an apprentice in. I stupidly picked decorating!

I soon found out not only did you have to learn to decorate, you also had to fix others ‘tradesmen’s’ work too, as the now famous saying “The decorator will sort that”, came into practice.

After working for the family business for several years, I finally began working for Connaught as a decorator to One Vision Housing. While doing this job illness hit our site, both our site managers were unable to work for several weeks and I found myself looking after the entire site and all the trades on it.

When the site managers returned to work they saw the work I’d done in keeping the site running and maintaining the programme of works and I was asked to train full time as a site manager.

After passing all the relevant qualifications I continued working as a site manager in this area of construction for a further 5 years until redundancy raised its ugly head.

It was at this point I decided I would return to the work I enjoyed the most, but this time to my standards, not by people who want you to cut corners and leave jobs with a ‘that’ll do’ attitude. Instead, imparting the knowledge and skills I had picked up over the 28 years I’d worked so far, and found I loved it. Finishing each job to the best possible standard allowed by the budget and time constraints imparted to me.

I am an excellent all round decorator, but my passion is paper hanging.

Ron Watt Quality Painting and Decorating will only get more efficient and with new products produced and tested, it will only improve the finish your homes and offices deserve.